“N50, 000 or monetization or scrap it” NYSC

NYSC stands for national youth service corps but to people you have actually went through it often refer to it as now your suffering continues.
 The condition in which most graduate are subjected to in the name of service to their fatherland is so pathetic. After years of struggle in higher institution of learning graduates are subjected to another struggle in the name NYSC.
 With the current condition of living, N19, 800, is not enough for most students up keep.  Though, the current president has promise to increase the corps members allowance from N19, 800 to N50, 000 in one of his interview with pressmen in 2014, the president has also reaffirm that he has a special package for youth corps members, no body know how this package is going to be but many hope that it will include the allowance increment. see skill to acquire after NYSC
 The program should be improved because it is not career wise, corps member are not sent to the right place during their service to the nation, how can a graduate of computer engineering be sent to teach in secondary school or a graduate of mass communication to serve in secondary school, what are correspondence, in what way will this program help either the corps member or the pupils. Therefore leading to lack of proficiency in the service delivery.See certificate or skill
Serving in some part of the country is disastrous to the life and safety of the corps members, as most of the time they are the target during any ethnic, political or religious violence.
  NYSC is time wasting, many people are stranded in the name of NYSC,  student no longer serve in the year they graduated, they have spend more than a year or two before they can go into the job market with their certificate.   The program is not career-wise, time wasting and dangerous to the life of corps members, therefore I suggest that this program should be improved or else scrap it out.


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