Monetizing a blog or website means placing some advert on your website or blog. It is the displaying of targeted ads on your website or blog to your visitors. It is a means of turning your site viewers into customers. Monetizing your blog enable you to start earning money from your web content. A blog or website to be monetized should be having a maximum number of visitors   so that it can generate substantial income.
There are various means of monetizing your blogs or website;
·         Google adsense program
·         Affiliate marketing
·         Selling your on product
 Google adsense  program it is program run by, it enable web publishers to monetize their web content, it is a   PAY PER CLICK affiliate program, publishers are paid when their site viewers click on the adsense adds. see alternative to adsense
Affiliate marketing, it is the selling product owned by other companies, you place other company product or adds on your website or blog and when your visitors click and buy you will be paid certain commission for this. It could be pay per click or pay per action.
When you sign up for affiliate program you will be given your own affiliate links, that contain your affiliate ID.  When you place your affiliate link on your website, visitors will click your link and make some purchases and you will be paid some percentage of his total purchase.
Selling your own product.  You can monetize your website by selling your own product. When you have furniture, electronics, estates etc that you no longer want to use them, you can use you website to list them for sale, and therefore you have monetize such site.
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