Adsense or Ads Placement

 Ads placement as adsense alternatives.
 Why adsense alternatives first? Bloggers or website owners go for adsense alternative for several reasons, some of which can be trace to nature of their web traffics, types of blogs,  blog contents, etc  adsense alternatives are not just ads networks , but are companies that offer   ppc affiliate programs, pay per click ad networks to publishers.  getting adsense approval have being challenging to several bloggers , due to one fault or the other ranging from insufficient content to a policy violations but one surprising thing , successful blogger are going for this adsense alternative such as ads placement. see some adsense alternative
  This adsense alternative that I am trying to introduce is not for newbie or simply is for successful bloggers we are already generating huge traffics with their blogs, I don’t mind how you call it or you may refer to it but it is called ads placement.
 What are ads placements? Ads placement is  practice whereby  firms, organizations, clubs, religious bodies, banks etc will  request a direct ads positions from  bloggers or website owners, this advertisers are not ready to join  affiliate networks like linkshare, commission junction etc, due nature of their market. They therefore utilize this opportunity to boost their brand popularity since they are not after sales or clicks. see picking high paying adense keywords
 Most of the time this ads place are local ads,  a  blog or website with most of its t visitors coming from part of country  or region  have upper hand over blog without local traffics.
 Ads placement are mostly not pay per click or commission based, but advertiser will buy a space   on a blog. the duration of the ads placement can be for weeks, months or even days depending on the budget of the advertisers.
 In ad placement, the website owner is paid before the ads are placed unlike adsense and other ads programs were bloggers are paid after their blog performance.
 Bloggers are earning much with ads placement than with adsense or affiliate programmes, this is why some bloggers are dumping adsense and adopting this monetization platform.
 Since ads placemen is time frame monetization program, bloggers can sort for all form of traffics and with no any consequence.
 One thing with ads placement is that, it is for successful bloggers with large visitors and reputation, unlike adsense that is available to start up bloggers


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