Increase Your Web Traffics via Google+

 Google+, the social media site promoted by, has a potential for multiplying site pageviews in several way.    There are  many ways to expose your website, brands, products and blogs using this social media  site of which below are some of them; , the number one search engine give much priority to its giant social media to others, posts, shared via Google plus has a greater potential of being ranked on Google than any other social media like twitter and facebook. see things to avoid on twitter
 The Google personalized search system pave a way for free advertisement to active g+ users, in this feature, Google display brands of active g+ users to its subscribers whenever they conduct searches. Google rank post, product or brands to their subscribers. This happens when internet users conduct searches while logged in to their Gmail account. This is aim to ensure people are served with content from sources they actually trust and are engaged with.  This therefore ranks this active Google plus users high on search results.
  The circle feature on g+ is also another way of exposing product and brands to potential visitors, thereby generating endless visitors to these active g+ users.  G+ enable user to add people to their circle, all people in a circle can see updates from members who added them and vice-versa. Unlike twitter and facebook that it only a one way.  On twitter when you follow someone you will only see his tweets and retweets while he will not see yours , same thing on facebook you can only see post from page s you like while they won’t see yours.
 Therefore by utilizing the above potentials you stand the chance to expose your brands to more people with goggle+ than with any other social site.


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