Things to avoid on twitter

Things to avoid on twitter
the social network twitter is coming up with new rules any time it updates its term of services. There many things when you do now, twitter will suspend your account. Apart from impersonating, child porn tweets, spamming there many things when you do you will be suspended. Following many people in short time will lead to your suspension, especially when you tweet a weblink. Mentions or replying to to people tweets that are not your followers, twitter consider this as a spam especially when you include a link. Duplicating an account may lead to twitter suspension when dictated.
Twitter allow following but should be based on best practices, that is follow people that you have interest in them and it should be less than hundred in an hour or 500 per day. Only reply to tweets that are realy directed to you or from your followers and try to avoid weblink. Duplication of twitter of account should be prevented. When you lost password or username or other problem ask twitter help center to recover your account. Above all, the best way to avoid suspension is to always read twitter terms of services and twitter best practice. see how to increase build your brand via google+


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