Is the five months in buhari government really wasted

 from 29th to date is five month, after the pdp government was kicked out in the last general election, most Nigerian gain hopes that the nation will have a new era of leadership, not only for the fact that an opposition has taken up the leadership but the change mantra that the new government has come with it, the electoral promises made by the then apc presidential candidates , the hope that the corruption and insurgency will come to a halt, stabilization of world oil prices,  regaining the value of the nation currency, unemployment, youth corps member special packages  among others are some of the  promises  made by the present government during and after the electioneering. see why politicians and not technocrats should form buhari cabinet
During the electioneering the phrases ranting the media are we will send corrupt official  to  jail,  we will stop insurgency within  2 month, we will regain the value of the naira, we will enhance youth corps members welfare, we will stabilize world oil prices,  we will create  2 million jobs every year, we will  give  five thousand naira to unemployed graduate and poorest Nigerians  monthly, did they  forget this promises? Can we say that 5 months just wasted?
Many Nigerian taught that the new government will kick on immediately due to the insecurity and the heavy task ahead of it, but unfortunately 5 month now the government is yet to establish a cabinet, the insurgency and insecurity that most of it campaign where based on are still not subdued as promised. Can we say the five months is just wasted?
 Five month now, no corruption cases are successfully done, no one is convicted or jailed, can we say that there are no corrupt individual or the new government cannot see them?  The government that promises zero tolerance to corruption are nominating corrupt individual into  position of public services, people that are known to be corrupt during their stewardship as governors, ministers or law makers  are still active part of this government, and their misdoing in the past are overlooked.
Terrorism are still on the go, Nigerians continue to lost their live every day, employment  in the country is still present, Nigerian are losing jobs everyday in many sector of the economy instead of getting new ones, where are  jobs promised?  Can we say that the five month are not wasted? The special packages   for youth corps members and unemployed graduate and poorest Nigerian are nowhere to be found and there are no steps taken to actualize it. why apc should let saraki be SP
 Can we say that the five months is just wasted? The government still continue to say it will ,  new promises are made every, oil looter prosecution will start soon,  10, 000 policemen will be recruited, we know where our stolen funds are kept,  and no action on ground to justify it, can we say it again that five months are wasted.
 Most of the changes Nigerians are witnessing in the NNPC and electric power sector is attributed to the past government, even Mr. President said that it will be unfair to attribute the gain in the oil sector to him. Can we say that five months are wasted?


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