Tips to Succeed Online.

 Here are the four tips I use as a blogger, domainers, affiliate marketer and social media marketer. There are several tips and guide online, but I believe , they are mostly the basics, no one is ready to tell  you what they actually did to succeed online, most of the  time bloggers are writing what they never  try it out to know whether it works out or not.see how to make money online
1.        I value each and every second of my time,: to me time is everything , if  I am not blogging , I am retweeting; the social media part, Or I am commenting in a forum, note  I have an advert in my  signature, so anytime I comment  in a forum, I have something for myself.
2.       I seek for knowledge: Google is my best teacher followed by online forum like nairaland, namepros, etc. Anything I don’t know I googled it down till it become part of me.
3.       I blog on I what I do myself.  I don’t just write on topics  as they suite me especially if it is about business or investment, I don’t say what I don’t do, anything blog  about  I implement first. I can’t write about picking a domain name without having one or two domain names as my own.  I can’t write about investment in domain names, picking an expired domain without actually doing it myself.
4.        I have a target; in all things I do I have a target, a goal I set up for myself.  In blogging my target is to add at least a topic a day, in social media to add at least 50 followers (for twitter), 10 to 20 like for my facebook pages. And search for liquid domain name (to at least save for future registration), that the domain name flipping part. see how to avoid scams


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