What type of domain name to flip?

Domain names are the stocks and share on the World Wide Web, website and domain names is the asset in the online world, people buy and sell asset in the real world that is the offline world, we call this investment, likewise in the online world, and people buy and sell domain names and website.
 before I go to the center of the discussion, let me highlight on what is meant by domain names and website, domain names are the internet address or data you use to access online content, or simply domain names are the letters you type in your address bar flowed by .com, .net or .info etc. while website are when this domain names are developed, when text, images are added to the domain names to make it useful to the end user. Read  on TM verification
To pick   a good domain name is like picking a good stock, when you pick a good stock. It value rises, you sell it and make profit, like wise with domain names when you pick a good domain names, it value multiplies, you easily find an interested buyer, he pays it, you transfer it to him and make your profits.
 Therefore good domain names are like good stocks, sometimes they are called premium domain names or liquid domain names, but how do we identify a liquid domain name or in other word how do we find and register liquid domain names? What I mean by liquid domain names are domain names that mean cash, simple. Domain names that once they enter a market place, they are sold fast and at higher prices.
 liquid domain names has the following features they are short, with one to five characters, they can be L, LL, LLL, LLLL, or LLLLL and sometimes LLLLLL, meaning having 1,2,3,4, or 5 and sometimes 6 characters.
They may contain numbers  e.g. : NN, NNLL, LLLN, LLNN, NNNNLL, LLNNLL etc where the N represent numbers from 0 to 9 and L represent alphabet from A to Z.
Liquid domain names are top level dotcom domains, domain names that have the .com domain name extension, there are other extensions that may fall under, but the most common are the dotcom domains.
 In liquid domains, the word before the extension must be pronounceable and must make sense, it should define a product, business, service, town, city or at least a noun or verb in English.
 Any domain name that has the above characteristics; short with less than six characters,  a top level domain extension preferably a dotcom, pronounceable, memorable and easy to type and lastly meaningful is a liquid domain or in other word is a premium domain name and should be grab because it is a good stock. know the meaning of some extensions


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