Why democracy is not welcomed in Africa

The continent Africa is a home of people with descent cultural beliefs, customs, norms and values that were inherited from generation to generations. African believe in their customs; respect for elders, societal norms and values, religions. They did not believe that sovereignty is in the hand of man, they accepts God intervene in their worldly affairs and so are not ready to admit anything that they believe will be contrary to their culture. Democracy as now done by the west is a step by step copy of the Whiteman culture, lifestyle and philosophy and not the true representation of the people's views, beliefs and custom. The recent support given to homosexuals, lesbians, gays by the west has made this clear. This homosexuality is contrary to the African thinking, customs, norms and values. It is considered diabolic and attracts severe penalties in some societies. Therefore this action taken by the west has finally made the African elders to conclude by saying" this people want to corrupt us, spoil our generation and to make us sinners before God”. It was not long when the child right act, 'women exploration' was violently rejected in some areas. This why African democracy is only in print media and mass media but not in the heart, mind, soul and lives of African. I believe if democracy will be Africanized it is something to be applauded by AFRICANS. is buhari working at all ?


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