Why Website Flipping To Domain Name Flipping

 Website flipping, most of the time bloggers or writers as well new investors are interested in domain name flipping, whereas website flipping is the most lucrative, a website analogy to domain name is just like a plot of land and a storey building or an estate. I know by this example, I don’t need to explain the difference much. Website flipping is more profitable than domain name flipping. For so many reasons.
 one of it being that website are already developed and may already be generating revenue to the owner , therefore flipping it out won’t give much headaches to the investors. see how to integrate sale page
 Website flipping is not as saturated as domain name industry, flipping website need some web design ability, most website flippers will identify a   website with a problem, fix it before sending it to auction. Therefore it require  a website design as well as seo know how and you know it is not everybody that has this ability .unlike domain name flipping that only takes one to identify a domain and register it. Therefore is the market is not going to be saturated as the domain name market. You the law of demand and supply will favor the website flippers and will work against the domain name flippers.
Most end user investors will prefer a website that has some sort of site rank, site traffics and  backlinks  which most website may have , whereas undeveloped domain names do not  have the above, any intending investor will prefer the website instead of a just domain name,
 website flipping is more rewarding, because it tend to be more expensive than a mere domain name,  if you want you can testify this on  flippa homepage , where  most featured auctioned website, domain  names and apps are  displayed.


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