Adding Meta Tag to increase Blogger Page views

Increasing Blogspot Traffic by Adding Meta Tag Element
Paste the above code into your blogger template to increase your search engine traffics.
 By default, the meta tag search description is turn off, thereby making it difficult for new blogs to rank high on search engine   like Google , yahoo, bing etc. so you have add this element to increase blogger page views.
 Why to edit the Meta element in your blogger?  In the default blogger template the meta   element for keyword and description are absent, this make it difficult for googlebot or other spider search engine software to access your web content,  therefore by adding this element you are  telling search engines that you have so so content on your website, human can read plain text but search engines can only read meta element. Therefore when your your blog lack  this meta data  , search engines find it difficult to crawl and index it. see creating website using blogspot
Does Meta data affect my web traffics? Yes it does, this is why you will see that you have published quality content but it nowhere to be found on search engines, why? It lacks this data.
How to add the meta tag element? Go to your blogger dashboard, click on template, edit template,  go below  this element  tag and paste  the code below

 After this, click save template that’s all.
 The next step is to click settings  on your blogger dashboards, then search preference, then meta description, click  yes  then enter your blog description.
 Note the blog description must be a readable and meaning sentences, just a summary of your blog.
 Now when you are creating a post, by the right hand side of the text box, you will see search description.
 Enter keywords in this text box and click done .
 Now you will see an increase in search traffics on your blog.
note: ignore the () bracket before the code, I use it to prevent the code from transcribing.
see how to set your robot.txt


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