can comment blog comment increase organic web traffics , backlinks

 Generating organic web traffics through blog comment

I know you might probably be active on social network and forum, but do you know that you can generate endless traffics to your blog through the comment you post on this social Medias, yes web traffics and I mean targeted ones.
 nowadays people are very active on social medias like facebook, twitter, Google+ etc, here are various groups of people with same interest  and are same sharing same  information,    a Google plus community for bloggers, forex trader or a facebook group for student of same schools, or forum for internet marketers, web developers or webmasters etc.  Are good examples. Are this not group of people with same interest,   are this not group of people looking for similar information are this not group of people trying to solve same  or similar problems. see generating traffics through image search
 then how do you generate this traffics and make it targeted, first of all you have to join the group or the forum,   but before joining any forum or group ensure it define the industry your blog/website is all about.  What I mean here is that if you blog on forex ensure that you join a forex group or forum.
Whenever someone ask a question, or make a post try to post a comment, but what you need to do here is to check your blog content any post that explain or relate to the question copy, paste and link to it, or alternatively you can decide to create a post that answer those question post part of it on as comment and let anyone reading the comment click to your blog and read the rest. Is this not a targeted traffic? Though some forum may not allow linking out but there are quiet a good number of them that will allow it


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