How To excel Online Lead Generation Techniques

 There are several forms in which affiliate marketing are   done. PPC, PPA, PPV etc.;  pay per click, pay per action, pay per views etc   apart from the above there  is another form of affiliate program called lead generation.
 Lead generation is a form of affiliate program, affiliate in this type of   affiliate agreement, are required to only generate leads, then what are leads?  From a dictionary meaning lead is to initiate an action  that make others to follow, to  cause an animal to move by holding a rope while moving forward, to be an access for someone toward something. All is talking about taking someone or something to somewhere, in a simple form, becoming a means through which someone gets something.
 How does this relate to affiliate marketing? In affiliate marketing lead s is talking about becoming an access to customers, to be source through which customers access a product. It is a marketing strategy adopted mostly by hotel booking companies, whereby you as an affiliate marketer display an image banner or search box on your website or blog, a potential customer sees it, click it, go to the merchant website and either make a booking or make some ssubscription, and it is automatically becomes a lead, not that the customer must not make a payment before it qualifies. see how to make money blogging
 There are valid lead and invalid leads , a valid lead is the one that lead to real hotel booking at the end of the day ; the visitor actually check in and out, while an in valid lead and a lead that those not lead to booking, this happens when  the visitors finally did not check in.
 For you to succeed in lead generation, your booking ratio must not be below average, else the merchant penalize you. In lead generation payment are made for a particular at the end of the next, these are some of the measure put in place to check invalid leads. some people are dumping adsense do you know why


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