Some Google Adsense Challenges

 Why are bloggers dumping adsense now?
 I was shocked when I heard that some top bloggers are dumping adsense and incorporating other ads programs and networks on their blogs while many bloggers are struggling to join adsense after their serial disapproval.   This made me to start thinking of what will make publishers to   dump adsense? A king in website monetization.
After reviewing the whole adsense programmes ,reading what other bloggers put down on various forums and  Some Google Adsense Challenges, I came to realize that adsense is not for everybody, blogs or products.
 Some bloggers wanted to earn big, their traffics is organic and highly converting and they wanted to earn big commissions, they came to understands that adsense is for blogs with large volume of pageviews and maybe there is   not, so they need large number of visitors before they can earn anything significantly through adsense. see  adsense alternatives.
 Some bloggers that are highly reputable are getting direct ad placement from companies, firms and organizations, this ads placement pays more than adsense and therefore this bloggers have no option than to dump adsense and go for this high paying ad platform, most of this ads placement are from firms, banks, schools etc that are not ready to join any ads network like cj, linkhare, etc therefore ads placement become their option.
 Not all blogs are fit for adsense, some blogs are highly niche; meaning they have very rich content, with good organic traffics and therefore highly converting, therefore promoting adsense is more favorable to the advertiser than the blogger, therefore quitting adsense in this regard is not a mistake.
Some product, have  large commission rate, especially digital products, like software, mp3, songs, magazines, videos, eBooks,  some paying up to 75% of the selling price ,  example eBay product and who will wait to miss this opportunity especially if they are sure that their traffics is targeted.
Method of web traffic generation are some of the reasons why some bloggers may pause adsense ads for some time, many bloggers want to increase their traffics and will therefore try different method both ethical and unethical to maximize their website exposure, therefore in order to keep their adsense account live they will pause adsense ads for some time to prevent suspension.
 The adsense policy is something not every blogger can maintain especially those that want quick expansion, while you want to  maximize your income adsense want their advertiser to maximize theirs’  or in other word wile you wanted to make much money adsense is protecting its advertisers.
see picking high paying adsense  keywords



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