Steps By Steps in Finding Cheap Adwords Keywords

If I may ask you what are the best keywords for your adword ad group, what will you say?  Probably the most you will say the cheapest keyword or the keyword with the highest traffics, which is no for any experienced adword customer.
 The best adword keyword should be those words that your website are highly optimized for(remember quality score) , are  less competitive, low front page  bidding(they are cheap for your budget) and above all converting, though conversion relies largely on the quality of your website, the product you have , the trust and customer experience, but sending the right customer to your website is a step in the right direction. see how to increase your ctr
In other words the best adword keyword is any keywords that bring the highest click through rate, keywords that are cheap, less competitive and highly converting.
How do you get adword best keyword?  Adword keyword planner should be you companion, at least for checking the maximum bids and the level of competition.  But the best way to  get this keyword is to brainstorm by yourself, think of any words or phrases people may use to search your website, try  misspelling them, check their level of traffics (the average monthly searches) ,  the number of adword customer using that keyword( the average monthly searches).
 Don’t rely on adword automatic keyword insertion,   most of the keyword you will get may be highly targeting but with high bidding and large competition which will lead to poor keyword performance.
Always try the misspelling of expensive keyword; I am sure you will see a drastic fall in the bidding price. Above all the performance of your ad campaign will always determine your keyword bids. You know Google love relevancy, the higher your click through rate the lower the cost of your adword advertisement. You will observe that as your CTR state increasing your biding price will start lowering.
 Therefore getting the best adword keyword is never a mistake, it will not only bring in more sale but will also reduce your cost of advertisement. 
Too much spending is never a guarantee for success in adword because as far as you lost the above strategy your adword keyword cost will continue to increase and it is not necessary that you are getting conversion.
 Best keyword selection is what will make an adword customer with  small budget in few hundred dollars to get same if not better result  than an advertiser spending thousands of dollars monthly, why? Because Google love relevancy. check online money making tips


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