how to avoid failure of blogs

 Is this true that those who blog for passion makes money while those that blog for money earn nothing? Is it true that money comes after blogging and not money comes before blogging?
Many bloggers wanted to earn money online and not to blog, this is the problem with most new bloggers. New bloggers came into blogosphere with the passion to make money and once they fail to achieve this at the first try, they will quit blogging and what has happened they have failed as a blogger.
 Blogging is like any other business; you either invest your money or time and brain.  You can’t just make money overnight with blogging.they are not get rich quick schemes  except if you want to have a failure in your blogging.
 Therefore if you want to make money in blogging then you most have an interest or let me simply say passion for blogging, it is when  you blog and you are successful  with your blog then money will flow, most people that are successful today in blogging did not start it today. see how to make money blogging
 I went online to and conducted a survey on many successful bloggers website, most of the blog I come across , have more than 5000 thousand pages/post, several hundreds of backlinks, tell me now how  can someone get up to that content if not for the passion he has for the blog or a money he spent .
  To succeed as a blogger you need to have a goal, you have to love blogging and dedicate your time into blogging, have a goal, say you want to blog for a year or you must have thousands of post or pages on your blog.
Have a blogging plan; it could be a six months plan, one year or even more. Ask all successful bloggers how long have they being in the blogosphere, when they actually started earning a kobo in blogging.
 To succeed as a blogger you need this three ingredient of blogging, time and goal. And when you have the above ingredient your hard work, patience and perseverance will yield a result.
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