APC scam Nigerians with N5000 monthly Allowance

Is this not a conspiracy why will the  apc senators be the one to reject the payment of 5000 naira monthly allowance to unemployment youth?. Did they forget that it was baba buhari and papa osinbanjo that make that promise.
 President muhammad buhari and VP osinbanjo during their campaign make the above promise to nigerians , they promised that  unemployed graduates and poorest Nigerians will receive at least 5000 naira as monthly allowance., this was the promise made before the election.
What transpired today in the senate will really shock many nigerian, the motion for the payment of 5000 naira as monthly allowance was sponsored by a senator , philip aduda  but was  immediately  opposed by apc senators , mr.  godwills akpabio try to second the motion but was also rejected by apc senators  while pdp senators support it.

Therefore the motion for the payment of the allowance was supported and rejected along party lines with pdp senators supporting the motion while apc senators in majority in majority rejected the motion
 Can we now say apc has scam Nigerian ? Why will they swiftly oppose to what they have promise?
See what Nigerian youth are saying
·         The promise of 5000 was clearly written in ENGLISH in the Buhari "Securing Nigeria's Future" manifesto.
·         See my last tweet.
·         The APC 'Overlords' are denying that the APC promised the 5,000k per month thingy.
·         God will judge us all.
·         Nyone that denies that @Mbuhari promised 5000 monthly fee to Nigerians can't make heaven. Even Buhari cannot deny that one.
·         After Senator Aduda brought the idea of making Buhari pay the 5000 he promised unemployed graduates at the senate

·         You were not under duress when you made all the campaign promises. Where is #Our5k
·         Dear @APCNigeria am not a member of d PDP but a Nigerian u lied to about several things.However,what I won't accept is not getting #Our5k
·         Goodluck Jonathan gave us SURE-P and made many of us CEO's and entrepreneurs, You @MBuhari rubbished all that & promised us #Our5k, Wey am ?
·         Dear @Mbuhari , I know you "pay" Zahra more than $100k monthly. From the way she shines, I know.. But all the youths want is #Our5k
·         Just pay #Our5k. So we can buy data to read you blaming PDP
·         Nigerian Youths demand Buhari/APC redeem their campaign promises of: 1. #Our5k 2. Free lunch for pupils 3. Crush Boko Haram 4. 3m jobs/year


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