Corpers Reminds Buhari About Nysc Allowance Increment

President Muhammad buhari made a promise during his electioneering to increase the allowance of Corp members, though the senate as made some move toward it  but now five month into the new government with no any change to the allowance,
Corp members are still paid same monthly allowance with no any increment, but one thing is that they are becoming impatient, see what they write below
·         The senators should deliberate on the increase of #nysc allowance, is too poor for the youths.
·         Am starting to lose patience with u pmb. Am almost done with nysc and you've never increased allowance. Don't let me finish b4 u increase it
·         They promised free meals for pupils, N5000 for the indigents and a raise in NYSC allowance. Nothing yet. No single sign to give hope
·         Naira is falling; hardship is deepening; oil is flowing; life is becoming tougher for #NYSC corpers. We need #change in our allowance
·         So @nysc_ng do you provide housing allowance? Because i don't think allawee is enough to survive in a state esp when you don't know anyone.
·         Nysc should increase the allowance of corpers in lagos state. The standard of living is too high for some corpers from the east.
·         1500 as traveling allowance when you'll be spending 20k on flight, nysc tho
·         I hope they have increased the nysc allowance sha?!
·         What are you senator doing about nysc allowance increment? Why can't you pass the bill at once? You know what you take as your allowance.
·         @mbuhari ur excellency, it's been a while now we heard d increment of nysc allowance av being approved yet notin of such. Sir what's d case?
The minstrels must have forgotten that buhari promised to increase nysc allowance to n39,800 & allowances for unemployed corps members
·         Hello sir @bukolasaraki when are you going to increase our nysc allowance.
With the rate of corruption this  days, i believe nig govt can afford to pay nysc #100k as allowance. Just these greedy old men won't allow.


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