Dubai attraction-What you need to see in Dubai

 Dubai  is the  second largest city in the united Arab emirate ,  is one of the emirate that  combine to form the  UAE, apart from the capital city , Abu Dhabi, Dubai is the most influential and populous  city in the emirate.  It is the business hub as well as the transport hub of the emirate.   Dubai has become popular for its rise building and skyscrapers.  Dubai has so many tourist attractions    and so it drives most of its revenue from tourism.  As ranked in 2012, it is the 22nd most expensive city to live in the world and most expensive city to live in the Middle East. In 2014 Dubai hotel room were rated as the most expensive world after Geneva. Dubai is the most expensive city to live in the Middle East according to an American consulting firm.see Japan tourist attractions
Dubai is the hub of tourist attraction in the Middle East, with it skyscrapers and numerous high rising building, modern sport facilities  and  western form of economy and its numerous tourist attraction  which generate large percentage of the government revenue. Below are some of the top tourist attractions in Dubai:
·         Burj Khalifa: is one of the Dubai tourist attractions building, it is almost 1 kilometre tall. It is the world tallest building, up to 1.87 million people visit it in 2013 and it is a nice building to see.
·         Dubai Mall:  it is the largest shopping mall in the world based on land area, it is located in Dubai, it has 1200 shops, to get access you have to follow through Doha Street, and it has 635 retailers making the world first class mall. It recorded 60,000 ticket sold in the first five days following it opening, it hosted over 37 million visitors in 2009 and attract about 75, 000 visitors every week. In 2010 it hosted about 47 million visitors and continues to be the world largest mall.   It is really a place to be.
·         Burj Al Arab: meaning the tower of the Arab; a world seven star hotel, it is very tall and luxury hotel. Truly a nice place to visit.
·         Dubai creek; this is a salt water creek,   it is a center for transportation and tourism, in 2013 it was proposed by UNESCO as the world heritage site. It has park that show several tourist attraction showcase like dolphinarium, cable car, camel ride, horse ride and exotic birds show. It is really a nice place to see. see paces to visit in gujarat, india
·         Dubai Miracle Garden:   it was pen on valentine day 2013, it is the world largest flower garden it has a collection of 45million flowers, it is 72 km2 in area. It is a beautiful place to see.
·         Expo 2020: Dubai  won the write to host expo 2020 on 27th November 2013,  an exposition that   will boost  economic activities  by generating multi-billion dollar   and will create hundredth thousands of jobs
Other beautiful places to visit are:
·         Dubai Fountain
·         Dubai Metro
·         Wild Wadi Water Park
·         Dubai Conservation Reserve
·         Marina Beach
·         Meydan Racecourse
·         Dubai Marina Yatch Club
·         Bur Dubai Abra Dock


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