Gujarat tourism- places to visit in Gujarat

 Gujarat is a state in India, the 6th largest   , located in the coastal area of india. it is a tourist hub , a popular tourist destination in india, it is patronized by both local and foreign visitors,  in 2010 to 2011 alone about 19.8 million tourists visited the state , places like  the great Rann of kuch to the  the hills  of saputara is great assets of beauty , it has pure  collection of Asiatic lion, in short it is the only place to view pure  collection of Asiatic lions in the world.  making the state a nice place to visit.
 Gujarat has huge tourist attractions like the Wilson hills, the saputara, the pavagadh, and the palitana hills.  various archeological  and historic site featuring the india’s independence struggle  including; the house of india’s  nationalist like mahatma ghandhi and sardar vallabhbhai patel . Below are some of the Gujarat tourist attractions: see dubai tourist destinations
·         world heritage site: The historic  mosque, temples and forts, the world popular  world heritage sites lke the laxmi vilas palace, vadodara , the  lothal,dholavira, and champaner are all located in  gujarat. making it a nice place to see.
·         Rich Cultural  Preservation: Gujarat has large cultural preservation; the tradition of songs, drama, dance, a home for  Indian  handicraft like  bandhi, kutchi, patolasof petan , bamboo  craft,metal craft, rogan painting, pottery are all part of Gujarat attraction.
·         Religious Centres: Gujarat also has many devotional centre and temples  belonging to both the religion of islam and Hinduism; , the famous religious centers ; Mahudi, Dwarka, Dakor,Shamlaji, Saovar,Lojpur ,Bhurj, Narayan And More,  the jama Masjid, Raj Babri Mosque, rani rupmatii mosque and other Islamic centers are paart of its tourist attracton.
·         Wildlife:;Asiatic lions, bears, monkeys, nilgai , wild ass, blackbuck, paradise flycatcher, dolphins,  whale , shark are among tourist attraction in Gujarat , world non common wildlife are also found in this state. Gir national park, gulf of kutch, kutch bustard  , and velvadar  among others are home to numerous wildlife , a beautiful  thing to see. Also check kenyan tourist attractions
·         festival hubs: Gujarat also celebrate  numerous festival and fair throughout a year,  featuring Indian beautiful culture and tradition, among them are  global garba around October to November, the  kankaria carnival on 25th-31th of December every year, the  makar sankranti  on 11th to 15th January and  Rann utsav  around November to December  among other featuring  beautiful and enticing dance and songs, displaying the beauty of india. it is a home for romance and beautiful cultural heritage.


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