Japan Tourist Attractions

Japan is an island county in east Asia, located in the pacific ocean. One of the top leading states in the world  and Asia,  also known as  one of the Asian tigers, it is home to several tourist attraction , in 2008 alone about 8 million people from different part of the world  visited  different  tourism axis of japan.
  Japan has several  tourist attraction  , making it one of the world tourist destinations,   places like mount fuji, sky resorts, the 16 world heritage centres, the luxurios japan hotels, the hot spring network,  the  beautiful Japan lakes etc are part of what makes  millions of tourist landing to japan annually. see places to visit in Gujarat
 Below is top tourist attraction in japan:
·         Mount Fuji: the highest mountain in japan, about 3.8 km in height, it is an international destination for tourism and mount climbing. This mount Fuji was one said by popular Japanese’’ anybody will be a fool not to climb Mount Fuji once- but a fool to climb it twice’’.
·           World heritage sites; places like shirakawo japan alps from  kamikochi,  todaji- Daibatsu in nara, iwani ginzan  silver mine  skikoku pilgrimage and lots more are beautiful place to see, with both  historic, landmark  and cultural attributes that boost tourism and attract thousands of tourist to japan on daily basis see paces to visit in Kenya
·         Hakkaido region:   the 2nd island in japan,  located in the boundaries between the northwestern pacific ocean and  sea of japan. The hotter weather attract tourist to this island.  During winter skiing and other winter sport bring tourist to this pace. Mount ushu, lake kussharo ,otaru etc  are other beautiful things to see.
·         Tohoku region: matsushima, lake tazawa, semboku ,  hiraizumi ,mount osore are beautiful places to  visit in the tohoku region. Bandai-asashi  national park, others are miss veedol beach, rikuchu kaigan  and towada hachimantai  national park.
The five lakes in shiretoko, the kanto region; its numerous shrines and temples, tokoyo  imperial palace and Disney resorts etc. the chubu region  is also part of the tourism hub in japan. others  are chugoku region- where the Hiroshima  and atomic bomb home are located.  and lastly kyusu and Okinawa regions. see where  to visit in Dubai  Hotels in Japan


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