how generate traffics using traffics exchange

 A traffic exchange is any website that provides webmasters with web traffics to their website. Traffic exchange website delivers visitors to website through manual manipulation.
 Webmasters submit their website when they join the traffic exchange, and have to visit other website already listed in the traffic exchange to gain points or credit. When they earn the point their website will be shown to other members. And other member can visit it to earn point also.  Traffic exchange helps website owners to get real human visitors.see getting traffics from G+
In  traffic exchange,  webmasters  assign point or credit  to their website,  a   member earn that point or credit when he/she  visit such website, and the more the visit  to your website  the more  you lose point. Most of the time the points are earned for free. Members can purchase point to get website traffics without having to visit other members’ website.
Traffic exchange do not only exchange website visitors but also   promote online social communities like twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, Google plus etc. You can share   website facebook likes, twitter retweets, gain twitter followers, instagram pin etc. with other members.  This happens when you either like a facebook page, retweet a tweet on your facebook profile or twitter account respectively. You earn points or credit, when another member retweet yours he also earn point or credit or seed depending on how it is called in your traffic exchange network.
 When you join any website that give traffic exchange services you will have to add your website, twitter profile or facebook page through an application, depending on the traffic exchange; the application may not be able to post any update without your permission or be able to see your password etc.See getting traffics via twitter
 Since most traffic exchange members are webmasters or affiliates marketers, they may be interested in your site and therefore may require your link exchange and therefore promote your website.  They may be interested in your product if what you promote relates to web traffics generations, seo, internet marketing etc. 
  Traffic exchange that will add you twitter account has more advantages than those that do not, you add your twitter profile and add a tweet, and in the tweet you add your website link. They help you get  twitter followers and retweets, retweeting is very important because it does not only  send traffics to your  website from  your fellow members but also to non- members. Retweet help to spread your messages across millions of twitter user and help you get traffics.
 There are ways to maximize visitors to your blog or site using a traffic exchange; below are some of the strategies
·         Spread your websites across many traffic exchanges to access the few available surfers available on the many traffic exchange.
·          Visit several traffics exchange at once to get maximum hits to your websites.
·         Use web browsers like opera or Firefox with several tabs to enable you surf several traffic exchange with time.
·         Avoid promoting sales pages on traffic exchange
·         Use traffic exchange to build your email list


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