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singapore orchard district

Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia, a tourist destination to more than 13 million visitors in   2011, alone doubling the total population of Singapore.   It has numerous tourist attractions plus its environmentally friendly and its rich heritage conservation.  It is one of the counties with world lowest crime rate plus it use of English as one of the dominant language all contribute to make it’s a tourism hub.also see tourist attraction kerala , india
singapore orchard district
 Its orchard road  district – a place dominated by multi storey shopping centers and  hotels can be considered as the  number one tourist  attraction , the Singapore zoo, night safari, Jurong  bird park, universal studios, Singapore  flyers, sentosa island  etc  are part of what attract million of tourists to Singapore. Below are   top tourist attractions in Singapore.
·          Singapore zoo and night safaris:    place that allow tourist to see animals of African, American and Asian origin, at night  visitors  can explore  different habitat without any barrier between tourist and wild animals. It is an open zoo, where animals are separated from visitors by hidden dry or wet moats, instead of caging the animals. see gujarat tourist attraction
·          Jurong bird park:  this  is zoo, a garden  of bird, all birds of all varieties , species and types, colors and whistling kind are found here,  a place for exposing tourist to  numerous  flock of birds , e.g. the  flock of one thousand of  flamingos.  The place attracts more 19 million tourists annually.
·          Singapore universal studios:  here there are cutting-edge  rides, shows,  and attractions based on your favorite films and television series, all movies  types are available here, the Hollywood, nollywood, bollywood,  uk and Chinese films to  Malaysian and  Korean movies  are all available, hence  the  word universal  studios. There are different characters off the screen, really a nice place to visit.
·         Singapore flyers: opened in 2008, it is a giant Ferris wheel, the world tallest Ferris wheel. it is  165 meter , it has  28 air conditioned  capsules  , which can  accommodate up to  28 people .
·         Sentosa island:  a place visited by more than 20 million people annually, ‘’   Asia’s favorite playground, Singapore island resort, the state of fun. Here are many place and attraction at sentosa; the Singapore cable car, the sentosa express sentosa boardwalk, marine life park etc are all part of what makes sentosa in Singapore a place of interest to many tourists around the world.
·         Orchard road district:  a place multi- storey shopping mall, located in this area has being the hub of tourist attraction in Singapore,   there are many hotels, and the area is the visited place by both local and international tourist.  see tourism in kenya Hotels in Singapore


  1. Singapore is one of the stunning tourist destinations to visit in the world. This city is loaded with number of tourist attraction that delights the travelers. Some of the top Singapore tourist attractions include singapore night safari, shopping malls, zoo, etc.


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