what is SEO, Can your Website Communicate with Search engines?

Seo means search engine optimization; It is how search engine search and rank your website or blog in response to a given keyword.  It has to do with the methodology and strategy you adopt in order   increase your website visibility in the search engine.
Search engine optimization brings a free unpaid traffic otherwise known as natural or organic traffics.  The more frequent and faster a website appear in search result the higher the number of visitors it will receive and the less often a  website appear in a search query the lower the number of web visitors it will receive.  In search engines website are optimized for a particular key word or keywords.
 Seo is all about how search engine works what people search, the keywords used for the search and which search   engine display the best result. To optimize a website you need to edit its content, html code, metatag title, metatag keyword and metatag descriptions etc in order to increase its relevancy to both user and search engines.  Backlinking also another search engine optimizing strategy.google personalized search and true web traffics
 Search engines are not human being they can’t see website content the way we humans can see it, a website stuffed with images and videos cannot be seen by search engines, because they cannot download or view the video to tell whether it is relevant to search terms or not. Then what does search engine do? Search engine rely on text and html code in any website, they view and read the text and html code of website to check for relevancy before ranking the website, therefore to be relevant to search engine you have to edit your text content as well as your site html code to be visible, crawled, indexed and rank high in search engine this why the term seo come into play. For every single page on the internet, crawling, indexing, processing, and calculating relevancy and retrieving before it display its search content.
 Search  engine start by crawling a website to see what are its content , a software known as a spider or a crawler perform this task, in Google it is known as  googleboat , this software follow links from one page to  another to index all link that  is found on their way.  There are billions of web pages and it is possible that a crawler may skip your website, what you need to do is to use a software called spider simulator to see if search can crawl your content.
 The next step after crawling is indexing where a page is stored in search engine database where it can later be retrieved.  Indexing means identifying the best word and expression that describe a page and assigning some keyword to a particular keyword, therefore when you optimized your website, you wll aid the search engine to indexed your site.see other search engine traffics
 When a search query is made, the search engine carries out the processing: it compares the search query    and the   data in the indexed database and the search engine calculate the relevancy between several pages that are indexed for a particular keyword.
 The next step is for search engine to display result.
 Therefore by optimizing your website text and html code you lower search engine task, increase its search relevancy and consequently boosted your ranking

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