The Month of Ramadan- What Every Muslim Should Know

 Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar, the month in which the holy Qur’an was revealed to the holy Prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). It is the month of fasting in Islam , Allah(suhannahu wata alla)  decreed facting upon all muslims ; men and women, boy  and girl provided they  ARE physically and mentally sound and each has reach the maturity age. It is a glorious month to all muslims , a month filled with three things , forgiveness,  blessings and  freeing from hell to aljannah. In Ramadan the door of the hell is locked , the door of the paradise is opened and the shayyatins(devils) are chained.ramadan and self discipline
 The Prophet( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said in one of his tradition ‘’ he who fast the month of Ramadan , faithfully and seeking his reward from Allah, his sins has being forgiven’’
 It is in the Ramadan that the glorious night of destiny (lailatul Qadr) occur, a night that is far  better than  a thousand months, the  night of power and destiny, a night in which the Almighty Destined the affairs of his  creatures. A night in which the rich are made rich, the kings are made king and the night in which good act of worship ( ibadat) are multiplied into countless folds.
 It is advisable to all muslim and muslimat to keep away from all act of  sin, any  satanic insinuations, any  backbiting, slandering,   kaba’ir,  gossiping, and any other haram.
  Muslims are mandated to fast throughout  Ramadan , keeping away from foods, drinks and sexual intercourse from dawn till sunset.  All matured muslim must fast the month of Ramadan except those that are sick and those that are travelers, women on menstruation, insane and children under puberty age . Nursing mothers, breastfeeding mothers, pregnancy and those that are in their oldage can exempt from fasting if doing so may deteriorate their health conditions.
  Fasting begin  immediately the dawn set in, believers are required to take  a pre-dawn meal called sahuur, the  prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) describes that there are baraqah in sahuur.  The prophet admonish believers to take the pre-dawn meal  in all their fasting and that it should be taken as late as possible but it must be before fajr. And the meals at the sunset , the post-dawn meal is called iftar, the prophet admonish that believers  to take their iftar as quick as possible. Increased prayer and charity are recommended to muslims in Ramadan, muslims are required to be more disciplined during Ramadan.quran and ramadan
  Ramadan is period of spiritual cleansing a month of self restraint and self control, muslims are required to increase in all their ibadat, their charity and night prayers.
 During iftar , the post  down meals , believers are required to start by  siwaq(brushing of the mouth ) and the first meal  should be   a raw date  or even dry , followed by  fruits like oranges, pineapples  or any other fruits at your reach.


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