Ramadan and Self Decipline

Ramadan is a glorious and holy month in islam, it is month self control, self restraint and self discipline. It is a mont in wich food, drinks and sexual union between married couple are prohibited from down till sunset,. This perioid in which a muslim  or muslimah is  fasting is of great significance before te Almighty.
  The month of Ramadan is time for  a great pious work, no amount of that is too little or too much  it was reported from of the tradition of  prophet [ peace and blessings be upon him] to have said in one of his traditions to ave said that “  thereupon said O messenger of Allah[peace and blessings be upon him] not all of us  posses the means whereby we  can give a fasting person to break his fast, the  rasulullah [peace and blessings be upon him]  replied “ Allah [exalted in His  majesty] grant the same reward  for the one who give fasting  person to break the fast a mere date, or a drink of water or a sip of milk”
    In another tradition, the prophet said “ he who lessen the burden of  of his servant,  Allah will forgive him and free him for the fire of jahannam”. reading quran in ramadan
 In this great month  four things you should continue to perform in great number, two will be to please  your Lord, while the other two the those without  which you cannot do. Those that is to please your Lord, is that that you will do in great quantity, bear witness that there is no deity to worship but Allah { recite kalimatusshahadah} and  make much istigfar, and as for those  which you cannot do beg Allah entrance into paradise and  as refuge from against jahannam”.see special prayers in ramadan
“And he who gave water for he who fast shall drink from my fountain, such a drink were after that   person  shall never again feel tasty until e enters paradise”.


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