Your brand is a king in adword pay per click marketing

A trademark brand is like a rich content in blogging,  in pay per click campaign, also known as ppc marketing your brand is the king, though other factors like the way you write your campaign headline,  your description etc. Also play a role in promoting your ads over adword channels but what actually trigger your click through rate and conversion rate is your brand, what and logo . What i mean here is the trust  and reputation you have in an online community .
 I test  my adword account with two form of a a domain . The fist one is linking directly to  the parent website , displaying  everything, i used the company original url/ domain name as my display url. Though to me , i didn’t know  it is a violation of  their affiliate program policy and a trade mark breach. Therefore   i started receiving large volume of click s and my click through rate was increasing every day. Conversion was also very good, because i was making at least on average $50 per day before i was stopped.see increasing your ctr with low budget
    When the company came to know that that i was receiving clicks directly from their  display  url from search engine ppc  marketing, immediately i received a warning email that i must remove  all their company url from my display url in my adword campaign or get my account closed.
I immediately followed their instruction, get some private branded url and continue my ppc marketing but to my surprise i notice the following
·         My click through rate  ctr dropped from 14% to less than 3%
·         My daily commission dropped from $50 on average to less than $10, and even this  $10 i believe is from my returning customers
·         Ad position also dropped
 therefore I concluded that I was receiving clicks and conversion because of  the fact that I was promoting a company/ brand that is popular unlike my private branded website that that look completely different from the original website


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