Step By Step Improving Adwords Relevance Score

 Many webmaster think organic traffic is about the seo performance of their website while adword is about t the size of their budget, but in reality things varies.
 There is what Google calls relevancy, Remember in adword ad group, keyword setting up there is what is called quality score, and quality score is how your keyword best match the content of you r website. The higher your quality scores the higher your ad position on Google.  Therefore due to this quality score your ads are likely to appear above other ads without good quality score.
  Your click through rate is also a determining factor in determine your ad position, the amount of impression you will receive per each search.  Therefore the higher your click through rate the larger the impression and vice versa.see choosing best adword keyword
  All the above is talking about relevancy.  A higher the CTR, means your   campaign is appealing to your web searchers and that people are satisfied with what you are offering.  Therefore to get the best from adword, work on your website to get high quality score and also work on your ads campaign to get high click through rate.
 If your click through rate is very high it means at your campaign relevancy is high, or in other word you are displaying the best product before Google users.    Google love this and will therefore lower your cost of advertisement,    and your keyword bidding price will be cheap.  The thing is like symbiotic relationship, you are helping Google to deliver best result and Google is saving you money by lowering your advertisement cost.see generating traffic via twitter
 You can observe this when your click through rate suddenly rise, your keyword bid will lower down and you will be seeing your most of your keywords are making first page. This shows that Google is rewarding you for relevancy, but when your click trough rate suddenly do gown, your advertisement cost will increase, your first page keyword will start reducing.
Therefore relevancy does not only pay in organic traffic but also in search engine PPC advertisement such as Google adword. see how to improve your ctr



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