How To Get High Ctr With Low Aword Budject

How to get high ctr with minimum budget adword
Adword or any other ppc advertiser aim is to gets the best result with the minimum budget as possible,   a high click through rate   is a proof of a good adword performance, though conversion has to follow, but with a good click through rate, there is an indication of good ad performance. see choosing best keyword
 How do you get the high click through rate?  There are so many factors in   accelerating ctr ranging from high budget to ad relevancy.  Yes ads campaign relevancy is very important in accelerating the rate of your ads clicks.   Then what is ads relevancy? Relevancy means high perfect your ads match the visitors search, this start from the choice of keyword you use, the choice of words you use in your ads and the relevancy of your product to visitors taste. why go for relevancy
 Do you know that Google love relevancy so much?  Yes Google love relevancy so much, this why it rewards its advertisers with highest click through rate with the lowest keyword bids. You  can observe this when your  click through rate is increasing you will see many of your keywords will start making first page but when your ctr suddenly go down your  keywords in first page will start decreasing. This means as your ctr increase you pay less and your ads will have large impression but as your click through rate go down, you pay more and you get least impression, why do Google do this? As your ctr is raising it means your ads is relevant to your  Google searches, meaning you are helping Google to deliver perfect result, therefore Google will reward you by lowering your advertisement cost and vice versa when your click through rate is decreasing.
  How do you raise your ctr? Writing perfect ads is the  ads is the first step,  check adword guide on writing perfect ads ten followed by adding ads extension, site links etc, this will only  ads other information that  cannot be inserted in the description line but also add more space to your ads when displayed.


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