How to Pass Jamb Examination

Jamb stands for joint admission and matriculation board is a body that organizes and conduct university matriculation examination (UME) now unified tertiary matriculation examination (UTME). I would have tilted this article as “how to pass UTME” but for the sake making many to skip it, as most jamb candidates make their first encounter with the word jamb till after due experience and exposure that they came to know that the exam is the actually UTME/UME and not jamb.
 There are many clews and trick you might hear  about,  in  passing UTME examination which may be against the jamb code of conduct,  some involving the traditional exam malpractice  or  a more sophisticated  ones  using modern devices coupled  with the help of internet.
Here what we are going to discuss the ethical ways to pass the UTME examination.
·         Knowledge: knowledge which obtains through perfection, as it is always said practice makes perfect, there also perfection procreate knowledge and expertise. Then you how do you get the perfection in academics, then it is through study. Constant study and I did not mean mere reading. You have be a book worm to succeed, dedicate your time and attention to you study, and have at least a reading time table of at least 2-3 hour daily. see how to pass post UME
·         Pass question and answers:  revise pass question and answers not for the sake of expecting same questions to reappear but to   familiarize yourself with the nature and ways in which jamb ask questions and to test you own ability.  Do a pre-exam for yourself, set a time for yourself and stop immediately it is time, check the number of question you have attempted, the number of question you have answered correct and this will help you to assess your ability and speed.
·         Get a jamb counselor: anybody who have successfully writte
n and passed jamb can be a counselor, let them guide you though, at least they can let you know how they pass their own.
·         Expo: keep away from any form of exam malpractice, exam malpractice make a lazy student and keep you away from studying hard, exam misconducts are punishable. Depending on exam malpractice is disappointing especially when your plan fall to click through or when you are stock with a redundant invigilator that fails to leave your hall premises.
·         Prayer:  success is proportional to hard work provided that prayer is constant, this is an indisputable law of nature, after putting down your entire plan and strategies ensure that you back it with prayer. Pray that let good put in the right direction and let you make the right choices.
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