Monetizing your twitter account

Monetizing your twitter account

 It is not only blog and website that can be monetized; nowadays even social media account can be monetized. Do you know that popular celebrities like rihanna, Christ brown are making more than $10,000 per tweet because of their large followers on twitter?
To some that do not what is what is meant by to monetize a website or blog; monetizing a blog or website is the placement of advertiser’s content on your website or blog. Website owners or bloggers earn money when visitors click on these adverts.see selling domain via twitter
 Before monetizing a twitter account, you have to promote your twitter; you need large number of followers or twitter users linked to your account before you can make any sensible money.  Online money making is all about traffics, the larger your traffics the more you make.
There are several ways you can boost your twitter followers but the one I am going to explain here is a follow me I follow you using traffup.  There are several website that are selling twitter followers, most of which are automated; they are not real people therefore keep away from them.
 To promote your twitter account via traffup, fast of all you have to be a traffup member, after adding your twitter profile you have to assign some point to it. Users earn this point any time they followed you. You can also create a post, a tweet for users to retweet and earn this point.  You earn point when you retweet or follow other twitter users via traffup. This is how the cycle continues. If you join this join traffup and maximize it potentials for a period of six month, I guarantee you can pull up 50000 active twitter followers. see how to monetize your website
 Next after maximizing your twitter follower, the next is to join affiliate marketing or sign up to post sponsored tweet and get paid per post,


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