Adsense or Other Online Monetization Strategies

It is no longer new that making money online is a lucrative business,  many blogs and website are already in the business, some in the queue  and hope to join them, there are several blogs currently online generating tons of web traffics, some are monetized while the rest on the way.
Adsense or affiliates ads, which is the best? When it come to website monetization new bloggers are eager to join adsense to start earning money online , while successful ones are quitting  adsense and integrating other affiliate networks, so the question that baffles me now is which is that the best?
 Adsense is a ppc program ,bloggers are paid some commissions based on the number of clicks a blog (ads on blog) receives.  Bloggers most write a helpful; content to their audience, they most generate a targeted traffics,. This is why adsense do not allow al form of advertisement, only search engine traffics, social media traffics  and link building only. Email marketing, forum spamming are frown at. They aim of adsense is to ensure all traffics coming from publishers’ blog or website are prompted by the visitors. There  are so many policies under adsense of which violation of any can lead to program suspension. see our article on blogging
Under adsense publishers are paid when valid clicks are made and not necessary a conversion is made or not.  The revenue per click through rate are sufficiently low, depending on the country or territory from which advertisers are getting their click through. So in general, publishers must generate a large volume of clicks before they can generate a substantial income through adsense.
 While in affiliate networks, advertiser are only paid when visitors become customers, when sales or subscriptions are made, there are no revenue per clicks ,publishers are only paid when  the visitors  make payment to the advertisers,  therefore no matter the tons of clicks through generated there are no revenue at all until   conversion is made but the commission here is very large compare to adsense, it can be in 10% , 20%  50%  or even 75% of the total sale. Therefore the commission is big.
 Under affiliate programs, publishers are easily accepted, few policies and less suspension. Most networks allow   all form of advertisement, email listing, social media, organic traffics etc. Even few pageviews can generate substantial income provided conversion are made. And tons of traffics is not a guarantee  for income without conversion.
 Therefore from the above, a hot selling product with large commission rate should best be promoted via affiliate especially if your blog traffic is not from adsense high paying countries, while general products should go with adsense especially if commission rate are low and your traffics are from UK, US, Canada etc. see choosing adsense best keywords


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