Adsense High Paying Keyword

Adsense High Paying Keyword
Every adsense publisher want to maximize his or her revenue,  this is why most bloggers and webmaster are working around the clock to ensure that they   generate the maximum traffics, but  here comes the issue of rich adsense keyword or high paying adsense keywords, look for them or maximize pageviews. Adsense rich keywords are those words, phrases or search strings that   will yield high payout pay clicks, some keywords worth $100, $150 or even more.
 Where to find this rich keyword? Adwords and adsense are two programmes for website monetization, one for and its search partners and the other for website and blog owners otherwise known as display networks. This display network is where adsense come into being.
  From adword, there are  what is called  budgets,  keyword cost per clicks , first page bids, increasing cost per click, billing,  setting daily budget, keyword bidding etc. Al these terms means spending money by adword customer. In general adword is the ads placement program by Google.
In adword, some keywords have higher bids while some have lower bids. Some keyword have up to $100  for first page bids while some have less than an dollar, all this means that some keyword are more expensive  to adword customer than other keywords.  This means that those keyword that are very expensive to adword customers are high paying to adsense customer, those keywords that have high bidding are therefore the high paying adsense keywords.
 Where to find these keywords? Google keyword planner are the best place to find high paying adsense keywords, any other source are not reliable, what I know Google will not release them to the public. How to find this keywords are very simple, especially if you are an adword customer, you already know those keyword that have high first page bids, what you need to do is to check if they relates to your blogs, you therefore either edit your existing content or create a new blog content and optimized this rich keyword.see how to make money with lead generation
 If you are not an adsense customer to use adword keyword planners is very easy, simply sign up to adword, you must not run a campaign before you can use the keyword planner.  Search for the ads groups of a keyword you intend blogging about. Filter out those expensive keyword, they are the adsense high paying keywords, just ensure that there are low competition and they have large average monthly searches. see other ad networks


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