Adsense and The Insufficient Content

Adsense and the insufficient content
The most common reason Google adsense will reject publishers contents are insufficient content, especially blogs, when Google mark your site and blog as having insufficient content it means one of the following:
It either your website or blog’s text content are not enough to generate substantial traffics or that your content are optimized with relevant keyword to address a particular niche. Why is sufficient content important to Google? see how to choose adsense high paying keywords
 Google adsense want targeted traffics to its adword advertisers, and it is mostly through quality content that meaningful traffics can be generated
 Therefore before applying for any adsense programme ensure that you have sufficient content, then s a sufficient content?  this is a relative questions, it has to do with what niche you are writing   if I am asked to describe a sufficient content, would say a keyword rich articles of length; 500 words and must be around 10 to 50 articles per blogs, the blog should target a niche so that Google can easily index it and consequentially rank it.
apart from insufficient content there are other factors that adsense take into consideration , the age of the blog or website, new website are not often approved into adsense, they need to be at least six month old, as stated by adsense. see why bloggers are dumping adsense
 Other policies are site content must be family safe or none pornographic, abusive, and dangerous content to kids.  Any content you can display freely in front of kids is termed as adult content, this include images, videos and text content.
 All forms of black hat method of traffic generation are not permitted; only organic, ethical backlinking and social media traffics are allowed.
 There are so many things under adsense policy but most are for approved members, for any blogger or website owner intending to apply for adsense should keep to the above.


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