how to generate website traffics

bloggers, email marketers and social media marketers have one thing in common, they are all generating website traffics to merchant site, that’s all.    except for the few who don’t place ads on their blog. then what are website traffic?
Web traffics are the number of people seeing your website at a given time. That is the number of visitors or online searchers that know your site exist. Website traffics are the number of your site viewers.see how to get ttaffics from traffic exchange
Web traffics are very important in online business because it is the only thing that can make your business to be known to the public. If you build a very good and valuable website  but you don’t have website traffics is just like opening a store and no one is coming to buy from you, you automatically knows that you are out of business. Therefore web traffics is indispensible to any online marketing or internet business. Therefore the next thing to any online marketer, after creating the business is to build its web traffics.
There are many ways ,strategies and approaches in building a strong website traffics , which may be ethical or in ethical, simple or hard, genuine or scams, but here we are only going to list those that are ethical, simple and genuine; meaning they are friendly to your visitors, easy to do and yielding the desired result. They are SEO; search engine optimization, social media marketing, forum posting, email marketing etc.
 SEO; search engine optimization: simply means producing a search engine friendly content on your website or blog. search engine friendly content are those content that are unique, original, rich, long lasting or evergreen. These are content that are originally yours, rich in keyword and search friendly.
Social media marketing: is also a powerful tool to build strong website traffics, in fact it is the quickest means to generate website traffics. By building a strong facebook page or twitter account you are as well building a strong website traffic to your website, when you have a large face book fans or twitter followers, you can post your advert on them, they will see and when they like it or retweet it, they spread your messages to others and before you know you will start seeing visitors to your site. Social site can help you spread your messages to millions in a short time. Site like traffup can help you get free twitter followers and retweets.seo and your website
Forum posting: to get unlimited web traffics to your website, first of all you need to create a strong marketing campaign in your signature so that whenever you post or make a comment in the forum members will see your advert. Just take your time to create a good topic for posting. Alternatively you can copy a post from blog and copy and paste its URL.
Email marketing: there are site that can provide you with a list of emails so that you can send your marketing campaign. You can create your marketing campaigns with eye catching images and videos that will compel your visitors to click through and help you make sales.  Therefore all the above method can make generate endless web traffics to your website or weblog. see traffics via twitter


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