After NYSC Job, Msc. Or Marriage?

After completing your first degree, the next thing that will come into your mind should be one of the following. Viz; job search, Msc. Degree or marriage, but the decision you take depend on one of the following reasons.  Though going for one year youth service may delay you but after the one year compulsory service to your fatherland you must lower down to one of the above.
 The decisions you take depend on several factors ranging from, intellectual, societal, and financial factors but above all individual differences.
 Let me start with the first one.  Looking or taking a job, what are the reasons that will make you to take a job? You studied a professional course, with a good paying  per month for a fresh graduate with first degree, you are promised a job, your family own a firm that need personnel like you, you are already of age , you cannot afford to further your education, etc . If you fall into any of the following, I think picking the job may be the right choice for you. see how to invest as student
 If you are a book freak, you to like study and you are brainy, interested in forwarding your education and have a sponsor, I think going for Msc.  will be the best choice for you, obtain your msc. Degree now is the best option, especially if you are still young, obtaining your masters degree will mostly take less than 24 month, that’s two years and you have already make one more steps ahead of your colleagues; you graduated together.  Sometime you don’t get employed immediately you live the service camp, then why waste those time staying idle at home; why not invest this time in obtaining your masters degree, this will eventually be of great help to you in future. By doing so you have opened the doors of opportunities for yourself and has widened your employability. Skill to acquire before NYSC
Go for marriage, if you choose to do so, if you are of age or financially stable and ready to take the responsibility of being a wife or husband to someone, then I will advise you to go for marriage.
 Aforementioned are the reasons why you should either  go for job hunt, forward you study or settle down , you may have some personal reasons but above are the most common, I hope you will weigh the above point plus your own before embarking on any of the above and I hope you won’t just follow what others do.


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