Skills to Acquire Before Youth Service NYSC

 Skills to acquire before youth service NYSC
Delay in our educational system is evident, this is why graduate have for several month after graduation before going for the youth service cops. The term African time is not only evident in our social lives, even in our education system is evident, and this is why even our universities are not left behind.  The fact the NYSC 2015 batch C is cancelled is not far fetch from the course of the 2015bv electioneering. But this is not the first time and I don’t think it is going to stop in next few years.
  Most graduate are left stranded   with no  direction to follow  ,  some want to seek for employment, some want to marry while some want to further their education but the issue of the  NYSC become a bottle neck to most  graduate.  Time is everything and time is so precious to be wasted.After NYSC Jobs, Msc or Marriage?
 For the above reasons, I came up with this write ups to enlighten my fellow graduate awaiting youth service and graduate to be on what important skills to develop before the youth service. This skill I am going to share is not only going to aid you during your youth service course but also in fulfilling your dream career.
·         Acquiring programming skills:  computer skills is lucrative, it must not be all this complex languages like joomla, javascript, etc,    it could be all this excel, worksheet, coral draw etc,   you don’t know the organization you will find yourself to serve, it will be an added advantage to the day that your boss computer hook up and you are able to reinstate it, the time that you solve a computer problem that if otherwise it may require a spending of money.see why NYSC should scrapped
·          Driving:  driving off course, how many times have you heard that successful job applicant, after a successful interview are asked this question, can you drive?   Driving is an added advantage to you; you can at least help yourself boss with some task that may not require an official driver.
·         Blogging: if you never come across blogging , let me educate you now, it is the current gold mine, this is  larger employer of online job seekers, many successful Nigerian  youth are earning their leaving in blogging not to talk of those earning hundredths of millions   annually. You can be a successful blogger but  you need patience, hard and  good  planning
·          You are free to add yours
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