Going To School Is Still The Best Option; Skill Acquisition/Entrepreneurship Is Not A Guarantee For Making Money!

 I came across a topic posted on nairaland, one of the most visited Nigerian online forum, titled “rejoinderto when a university degree never guarantee a job” and another post titled “sometimes I want to regret going to school”.  the first writer when after listing on points when further to narrate that his friend that is an electrician is successful, earning a lots in his business, is happily married with two kids, erecting a nice building, own a car and has a huge savings in the bank, while he that went to the university to obtain a degree is still struggling with job hunt. The second writer narrates a story of a restaurant, developed by illiterates that are earning   a substantial income on daily bases.
  The two writers went further to enumerate the disadvantages of obtaining a university degree while highlighting the pros of going to apprenticeship or simply entrepreneurship and business.
  this misinformation is not only found on nairaland  , therefore there is the urge for me to come up with this write up s to address this misconception that has been blown out to the public  and also  arrest the effects it may have on the mind of its readers..See After NYSC Job, Msc or Marriage
 first of  all let me differentiate between a university and market business or entrepreneurship, a university is center of learning, a place where personalities are made, I could remember in my secondary school day, a professor who happens to be an ex-boy of my of the school visited us and thrown a question at us to define a university, we all said the best we know , but he put it down and went further to define a university as a factory for reproducing human personalities, he stated  that we aren’t  doctors but university  made us to be doctors,  we aren’t lawyers but it made us to be, we aren’t  engineers but university turn us to be, he iron out that university is where professors, doctors, lawyers, engineers are made. The end product is to build professionals.
 whereas a  an entrepreneurship or apprenticeship  or market is a center for buying and selling,  the  certificate for  going into the  above is how much you have earned. That’s all and nothing else.
Entrepreneurship or business is not a guarantee for making money, many people who went into business do not all come out successful, majority of them are still living hand to mouth. Some just lose their capital and only few are actually successful, therefore by going into entrepreneurship, it does not mean that you will make as Mr. A or Mr. B.
 not all what you see businessmen are turning is what they are earning, look at the net profit they are making, some may be turning large sum of money but actually what they earn may be little;   it may include the capital itself, loans, goods on credit etc, their net profit may be low., in fact if you can approach some and ask them they will tell you they are not anything, they are not lieing!. If you can compare their net profit on monthly bases to what some senior civil servant are earning per month you could see that they are not better. You can understand this by the kind of lifestyle and standard of their living. see why NYSC should be stopped
 all  this business you see , people are running successfully , it is not built overnight, it is a product of perseverance , hard work and patience, it didn’t happen one day, they face challenges upon challenges, some of them spent more than the years you spend to obtain your university degree. If you can calculate the time, effort, money, headaches etc they invest before they reach this level, you will surely say it is a long race.
 The kind of lifestyle most of this market women, roadside food sellers, automobile mechanics, electrician are living is not what a mere graduate will appreciate, the hard labor they do etc
 Next time when you see an entrepreneur running a business successfully weigh the above point and give them a credit and don’t think that they deserve less than this.


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