Politicians or Technocrats; Buhari Ministerial List

 The buhari ministerial list is set to be available to the public on 30th of September   as promised by Mr. President, the list is said to be forwarded to the national assembly by the 29th of this month, one day before its official announcement.  But the real issue concerning must Nigerians are who are going to make up the list? see is buhari working all?
As Mr. Buhari has repeatedly said, he will prefer more technocrats in his ministers than politicians arguing that technocrats are more equipped to ministerial work than politicians. To some extends Mr. President is right! With the fact that technocrats are expert in the various field of their primary assignment, has many years of experience and are more respected by co-workers, technocrats are  vast in their field will likely get more co-operation in the discharge of their assignment. Unlike politicians who may lack the above qualities in some percentage and may be more corrupt and less experienced.
Therefore the decision of president Buhari to give more room to technocrat can be justified. But does that mean that all politicians are corrupt and   inexperienced while technocrats are not?  The simple answer here is no. Technocrats are also corrupt and most of them are not politically oriented.
 Ministerial  work is not all about execution of project, it has to do with weighing of several factors  which require a politically oriented personnel before deliberating on project of execution, the organization and execution of ideologies and world trends  as well as the consideration of world politics,  policies and programs are not just  mere technological deliberation. And in this aspect a mere technocrat is incompetent.  There are so many tasks that a mere propaganda can solve it.  A government needs politics and not just powers and authority to succeed. There must be provisions to overtake political challenges.see africa and democracy
 Most technocrats are not saints, they are also corrupt, most of them are multi millionaires, and they cannot acquire this from their monthly salaries. They are known to convert government properties to their possession; they are lazy in fulfilling their official assignment. They take bribe and ask for other privileges before doing their primary assignment.  The issues of ghost workers are common practice among them. The corrupt practice among these technocrat cannot be mentioned all.
 I therefore urge Mr. President to look at both sides of the coin and just the best for Nigeria
see former faces in pdp and now in apc


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