self employed or get employed

When i said self employed or  be your own boss, I mean any  business, entrepreneurship  or j career you pursue that will make you independent.  it could be  a trade,  you have a money and decided to invest,   a restaurant business,  cyber cafĂ© business, online business like blogging, affiliate marketing, etc.
 self employment entails any job or business you take that made you  to be out of control of any body. the carpentry workshop you open, the electrical repair  workshop, the book shop you got etc
 whereas  getting employment  is when you pick a job and get paid in form of wages or monthly salary, it could be  a civil service or a job with other private bodies .  jobs like teaching in private or public school, lecturing in private or public university,  a medical practitioner in either private o public hospital, a legal practitioner. a military and other paramilitary jobs like army, air force, navy, police force , secret police work all are part of none self employment, in all this you are working for somebody or the state. see how to invest while in school
 now the question is which is the best , we cannot  just say one is better than the other without weighing the advantage and disadvantage of either self and none self employment, in fact the advantage of one is the disadvantage of the other and vice-versa. the advantages of self employment are ;  freedom, enough time, nor over working, no unnecessary respect,  ability to excise your talent,  etc.
 The advantage of getting employment is that, you have job security with public employment, there are retirement benefits,  a good life style,  an improved standard of living and more. read our blog on how to pass jamb


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