will buhari bend to US same-sex law

 with the new ties between Nigeria and the west, the new  government of president Muhammad is building, some people somehow started thinking that may be the Nigerian government will honor the same sex act,  I therefore went brief to view what many Nigerians wrote when this same sex bill was rejected in the previous administration. see list of jobs to go as buhari come in
The acronym LGBT stands for lesbian gay transgender and bisexuals. These are group of people who have sexual relationships with people of same gender. The lesbians are women who chose to have their intimate relationship with their fellow women, Gays are men who chose to have their intimate relationships with their fellow men, and Transgender are men or women who transform their genital organ to the other while bisexuals are men or women with both male and female genital organs.
They are group of people who prefer the unnatural and perverted ways to the natural ways between man and woman. This group of peoples is rejected in the society for religious, cultural, political, social and geopolitical reasons.
[1]Religious reasons; Nigeria is predominantly a religious country, with more than 90% as Muslims or Christians. Both Islam and Christianity condemn the homosexuality. There is a scriptural provision in both Qur’an and the gospel not only prohibiting but also prescribing a capital punishment for offenders. Therefore both Muslim and Christians have a religious obligation of eradicating such practices.
[2]Cultural reasons; most Nigerian societies have some norms and values that they believe in and expect every member to adhere to it. Among which are clean and healthy sexual relationships of which lesbian and gay cultures are none. In most Nigerian societies such practices are seen as evil and attracts severe penalties among which killing is not exceptional.
[3] Political reasons: politics is a game of number and Nigeria is not exceptional. The approval of this anti-gay law and its implementing is viewed in some angles as purely political. the bill is not the priority of most Nigerians at this time of insecurity, ASUU and ASUP strike , joblessness etc. it is believed that the federal government of PDP went ahead to implement such bill so as to distract Nigerians from its lapses and to woe their support. why apc should let saraki be SP
[4] Social reason: gay and lesbian practices are not common in Nigeria and they are rare in the society, so it is easy for them to be discriminated in the societies. They are believed to be going against the pillars of society of procreations through healthy marriage.
[5] Geopolitical reasons; Nigeria is located in the eastern part of west Africa , bounded by black African nation , whom are still deep in their culture and traditions. So it is impossible for Nigeria to adopt a lifestyle different from what is in its neighborhood.
This provision against LGBT rights was extremely popular here and was therefore rejected in Nigeria for religious, political, social, cultural and geopolitical reasons. 
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