Special Prayers In Ramadan

 Ramadan the month of Qur’an , it  the month of fasting , fasting during the day and prayer through the day and night.
 In the  month of Ramadan, apart from the five daily prayers of subuh, zuhur, Asr, magrib and ishah  prayers , the Friday congregational prayer ,  shaf’i and witr  recommended  emphatic  sunnah, the duha prayer etc   there are   other set of  nawafil{ recommended )  salawat , enjoined by the prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him).  The  Attarawiyhi prayer, the  Qiyamul-lail ( night standing ) prayer  also known as Qiyamu ( standing te night of  ramadan)Ramadan  and notably the   tahajud   in the last ten days of the glorious month of Ramadan.
 The prophet sallahu alaii wasallama was reported to have being said in one of his tradition that  whoever  stands the night of Ramadan( in prayer) will have his whole sin forgiven, the hadith was narrated  by abu hurairah as as follows: “  the messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him)  used to encourage tem to pray  qiyam during Ramadan , without commanding them to do it, Then he said “ whoever prays at night in ramadan  out of faith and in the hope of reward , his previous sin will be forgiven”quran in ramadan
 The prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) was also narrated to have said  in another traditions “  whoever pray qiyam with the imam until he finishes , it will be recorded that he spend  the night in qiyam”
 In another hadith  ummunah Aisha(the mother of the believers ) was quoted to have said “  the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) offered sallah in the mosque and many people prayed with him, the next day he did the same and  more people prayed with him, then people gathered on the third night  but , the prophet did not come out   to them, in the morning he said to them surely “ surely  I  saw what you did and nothing prevented me from coming out  to you, that I feared that that  would be  made obligatory upon you, that was during ramadan”.
 In another hadith  aishah was reported to have said that prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) will not pray more than the eleven raka’at  during Ramadan or otherwise”
 Therefore   prayers in Ramadan,: especially taraweehi and qiyam ramadan is  a sunnah of the prophet and his sahabah(companions), it is of great reward and an open do  for the forgiveness of  sins.  All muslims  are therefore encourage to stay away from any distractions and ensure that they keepit. Both men and women
, old and young , no one is exempted, therefore muslims families should ensure that they allow their families to observe  the sunnah. The prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) was quoted to stated in one of his traditions that “do not stop the  female servant of allah( your wives and daughters ) to  the mosques……………………….”
  Taraweehi prayer is allowed to be done congregationally in the mosques, ibn abdulqari reports “ one night during Ramadan, I went with umar to the mosques , and the people where praying n different groups, some were praying by themselves and others  in small groups,  Umar said “ I think it will be better if I gather them under one imam,” ten he did so and appoint  Ubayy bn  ka’ab as the leader of the prayer. Then I went out with him on another night  with him and all the people were praying behind one imam and Umar said” what a  good innovation this is” but it is better to delay it  until the later of the night” the people however prayed it at the beginning of the night” al-bukhari, ibn khuzaimah, albaikhaqiy and others.
see ramadan and self discipline


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