Domain Name Parking Review

Domain Name Parking
Domain name parking is the monetization of unused domain names, the practice of placing targeted advertisement on domains not attached to any website. It is done to reserve name against future use or to protect a brand name against cybersquating. see our article on domaininng
 Domain name parking is a PPC affiliate, pay per click affiliate marketing programs; domain owners are only paid when visitors click the ads displayed on their domain name.   It could be double-click template or a single click template. When it is  a  single  click,  on a domain , the ads  are displayed on the homepage of the domain name, visitors will automatically see the ads and click on it, mostly single click template have the highest click through rate (CTR). Double- click templates do not display ads directly on the homepage but keywords are displayed and visitors are only taking to adverts when they click on these keywords. This type usually has lower click through rate but pay per click on ads.
It do happens that internet marketers will  register domain name to save it for future use, search engines like goggle  and its search partners do rank  aged domain names higher than new one in a search result, therefore prospective internet marketer will  save their domain names for future use.
Aged domain names are mostly expensive than new ones, domain name flippers will therefore register a domain for years before finally selling it. Therefore these domain names are parked, in order word monetized to generate some cash to at least pay for the hosting services and renewals but some could earn more than $200 per month. see domain sale page
 domain parking are meant to monetize type-in traffics, what is meant by this kind of web traffics is when a user type in some keywords into their browser address bar to find an interesting website, this often happens when internet users are unsure of the exact address of the website they intend to visit, they often combine some related keywords and instantly fall on parked domains. Parked domain names are not advertised in any our article on TM verification

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