What Is The Right Extension For A Blog Domain Name, .Info Or .Com?

 A domain name is the words we type in our address bar to access online contents. E.g. example.com,
 I know the extension .com stand for commercial or company,  .ws stand for .website .onl stands for .online etc
 Also the extension .ca stand for Canada, .cn stand for china .uk stand for the United Kingdom .ng stand for Nigeria, they are country code domain extension.
Also .org stands for organization, .net stands for networks, .biz stands for business, .gov stand for government, .edu stands for education, .tv stands  television  while  .info stands for information.
What best extension describe a blog? First of all, let us look into what a blog stands for, a blog is an online journal, an informative publication and educative publications and nothing more than this, so why won’t the .info extension be the right extension for all blogs, 
 I know of google.com as company so also amazon.com and yahoo.com also are companies so the correct extension is .com. Also most universities have their website with the .edu extension why won’t blogs have the .info as the best extension? read our article on  flipping
  Is it Google? Some people say Google prefer the .com extension over all other extension and some says internet users are more conversant with the .dotcom extension than the rest and are likely to stands out. but what I know there are several website with other extension that  rank high and are doing well online. see choosing liquid domains

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